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The parent company to a variety of online brands and lines of business.

What we own

We Are Interactive 9
We Make Brands Shine

A combination of creativity and eye-catching marketing.

What we own

We Are Interactive 9
Masters of None

We create companies that transform moods, author hapiness
and make people’s lives better. Building brands and driving sales with powerful ideas.

We're Creative
Crafting With Love

Interactive 9 is about color, moods, and emotion. Positive vibes and love for one another is the foundation of our brands.

We're Good-looking
Fine as f***

Between all of our brands, everything we produce is eye-catching. It's deliberate. We want you to remember us, and consume our proudcts.

We're A Family
And We Want To Work With You

There's nothing like collaboration with people who share your vision and work ethic. That's the true recipe to success. Come work with us.

We're Professional
Atlanta Based

Professionalism breeds loyalty. We take pride in being gracious hosts when we invite you into our house.

vending machine

Our Skills
Learn Then Market

Variety is the essence of our business model. Interactive 9 started as Rize FM - a house music radio station based in Atlanta, GA. We weren't making any money, and quite frankly, wanted to start. A natural progression from the rave and festival culture that influenced Rize FM, into the t-shirt hussle soon followed.

What better way to earn money than to make it work for you, while you pursue other avenues of income. Hence our deep dive into vending. As you can see, some areas we are pretty good at, and others we are still learning.


The Creative Collective

An interdisciplinary approach on big ideas. Design and branding from day one.


Sneak Peak
At Our Branding Style

So we've boasted about how colorful and happy we are. So we'd like to show you what we mean. Since Rize FM was our first brand, here's a video from our radio YouTube channel, using templates and of course, awesome music.

Here's a promo video we did for a short-lived music festival back in 2015. Rize FM will be a full-service radio station, offering local and internatinal beats and music branding for our DJs.

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Say About Us

This guys are amazing! They were so quick to respond and let me tell you, they are all knowing!
I highly recommend their themes! They are all about making their clients happy!

Jack Westbrook

Product Designer

I have purchased tens of templates from ThemeForest and this one is undoubtedly the best
I ever tried. Easy to edit, nicely coded. You guys, you did a great job here!

Lindsay Swanson

Web Designer

This is one of the best themes that I bought on ThemeForest. It is well documented and
well coded but the best of all is the friendly and quick support behind.

Jared Jackson

UX Designer


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